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ReceptoPharm is developing proprietary therapeutic protein products for the treatment of neurological, viral and and autoimmune disorders.

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Research Platform

ReceptoPharm conducts research into a number of products with applications for neurological, immunological and viral conditions. The principal therapeutic target is associated with a group of nerve receptors comprising the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, nAchRs, known for their involvement in smoking and addiction. Like nicotine, ReceptoPharm drugs can attach to the nAchR and prevent its' activation or block viruses, like the rabies virus, from using it as an entry point into the cell. The nAchR is acknowledged to be a major receptor whose involvement in AIDS-dementia, Rabies, MG, Pain, and even Alzheimer's disease isolates it as a prime drug target.


ReceptoPharm has deliberately sought to identify specific nAchR-interacting proteins as potential therapeutics. Unlike nicotine, ReceptoPharm's principal products are not toxic or habit forming; additionally nicotine has no antiviral properties. Prior clinical experience demonstrates no adverse effects associated with administration of the products to animals or humans over long periods of time. The unexpected inhibition of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) by these types of drugs is a major step forward in the search for novel entities to fight HIV and AIDS and may lead to new therapies for other viral diseases.

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