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ReceptoPharm is developing proprietary therapeutic protein products for the treatment of neurological, viral and and autoimmune disorders.

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Management Team

Rik J. Deitsch
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Nutra Pharma Corporation

Rik J. Deitsch has been the President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of the Company since November 7, 2002. From February 1998 through November 2002, Mr. Deitsch served as the President of NDA Consulting Inc., a biotechnology research group that provided consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. NDA Consulting specialized in the research of peptides derived from Cone Snail venom, Cobra venom and Gila Monster venom. Mr. Deitsch holds both a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Biochemistry from Florida Atlantic University and has conducted clinical and laboratory research in collaboration with scientists at Duke University Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic . Mr. Deitsch is an adjunct professor and teaches several courses for Florida Atlantic University's College of Business and Continuing Education Department.

Dale Vander Putten, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Nutra Pharma Corporation

Dale Vanderputten, PhD became our Chief Scientific Officer on July 27, 2016. Dr. Vanderputten has been CEO and CSO of the biotechnology company Omnia Biologics, Inc., headquartered in Rockville, MD since 2003. From 1999 through 2003 he was COO and CSO of cancer gene therapy company DirectGene, Inc., headquartered in Annapolis, MD. Dr VanderPutten has held scientific and technology development positions in government, academia and industry from 1980 through 1999 including at the National Institutes of Health, University of Maryland, and Proteome Sciences, plc. Dr. VanderPutten received a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biology and Chemistry from the American University in Washington, DC in 1982, a PhD in Genetics from the George Washington University in 1993 and an MBA from the University of Maryland in 1996. He did his doctoral and post-doctoral training in molecular neuro-biology at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Vanderputten will begin his tenure as CSO by taking over Nutra Pharma's clinical product development. RPI-78M, the Company's therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, received Orphan Designation from the FDA for the treatment of Juvenile Multiple Sclerosis in September 2015. Dr. Vanderputten will work with our researchers and regulators to move RPI-78M through the clinical process for an eventual approval or licensing.